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Creating through inspiration, inquisitiveness, and calling

I love to explore and move through many disciplines of art - painting, drawing, mixed-media, and fine crafts.  I'm never fully satisfied to settle for just one to convey my ideas.  I continue to seek out the new, to ask questions and learn from others, and to stretch my limits on how I can use materials in new ways, to portray the world as I see it through every medium imaginable!  

I am inspired and moved by the precious moments of life, nature, and faith.  Whenever I feel the "call" to create and follow it intently, I find that I even surprise myself, often opening my eyes to small details I would have otherwise glanced over.  There is so much joy in creating alongside The Master Creator!

"Hydrangeas" - Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas 36"x36"

Not Available

"Afternoon on the Bay" - Oil on canvas 12"x12"

NFS  (12x12 prints available $35)

"The Chase" - Mixed Media on gallery-finished board 20"x20"


"Fields of Hylas" - Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas 24"x24"


"Boat on the Bay" - Oil on canvas 12"x12"


"Make A Wish" - Acrylics on canvas 24"x24"

$270 framed

(Limited 12"x12" prints available $35)

"I Can Hear Music" - Mixed Media on gallery-finished board 6"x6"


"Kingfisher" - Mixed Media on gallery-finished board 8"x8"


"New Horizons" - Mixed Media on gallery-finished board 6"x6"


"Montpelier Sunset" - Acrylic on 8"x10" canvas

$80.00 framed

"A Cove in Duck, NC" - Oil on 8"x10" linen panel

$150.00 framed

"Walk To The Barn" - Oil on canvas 8"x10"

Not Available

"Just Add Rum - Romeo" - Oil on canvas 16"x20"

Commission Work

Hawaiian Coast commission.jpg

"Hawaiian Coastline" - Oil on canvas 24"x36"

Commission Work

"The Bounty" - Oil on canvas 10"x10"

Not Available

"Mudfork Home" - Pen & Ink 11"x14"

(Limited number of prints available)

"The Bounty II" - Acrylics/spoon & palette knife on canvas 20"x20"


"Duck, NC" - Acrylics on canvas panel 5"x7"

Not Available

"Quiet Harbor" - Acrylics on canvas panel 5"x7"

Not Available

"Tea Time" - Mixed Media on board 8"x8"


"Blue Crab" - Mixed Media on board 8"x8"


"Golden Song" - Mixed Media on board 8"x8"

Not Available

"River Rocks" - Acrylics/palette knife on canvas panel 8"x10"


"The Hermitage - Richmond" - Pen & Ink with watercolor 4"x6"

Commission Work

"Sea Treasures" - Mixed Media on board 11"x14"


"Shady Grove Chapel" - Pen & Ink 11"x14"

Prints Only available 11x14 - $35, 8x10 - $25

Benefits Church History Preservation

"Montpelier Sunset" - Acrylics on canvas 8"x10"

$80 framed

"Do As I Have Done For You" - Mixed Media on board 36"x 48"

Commissioned for the Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond VA

Spain commission best.jpg

"Spain" - Oil on canvas 24"x 36"

Commission work

"Kayaks On The Sound" - Acrylic on canvas 16"x20"


20160407_100906 (2)_edited.jpg

"The Hermitage Northern Virginia" - Pen & Ink 


"A Biltmore View" - Acrylic on canvas 12"x24"


© 2017 by Terry L Chancellor.  Updated © 2022

All images are the property of Terry Chancellor and may not be reproduced without permission.  If you are interested in purchasing an original piece or a print, please contact me and I will see if it remains in my inventory.  Thank you for visiting my site!

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